New Iran Fighter Jet Qaher F-313

Iran has unveiled its new fighter jet which is called Qaher-313, Conqueror-313, Q-313, F-313) is an Iranian single-seat stealth fighter aircraft publically announced on 1 February 2013. It was presented to the press by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi on 2 February 2013, as part of the Ten-Day Dawn ceremonies.

According to Iranian government sources, the F-313 Qaher was designed and is indigenously produced in Iran by the Aviation Industries Organization (AIO), a division of the Ministry of Defense. The project manager is Hassan Parvaneh.

The aircraft is said to be a stealth fighter with low-altitude operations capability. Qaher is said to be built with "advanced materials" and to have a very low radar signature. It was also claimed that the Qaher can take off and land on short runways and has "easy maintenance".

A prototype version of the Qaher-313 has been portrayed to have test-flown at some point before the presentation although, according to Haaretz, the "blurry video published by the Iranians purporting to show the Qaher 313 in flight seems to show not a manned fighter jet but a small radio-operated drone."
Media sources outside of Iran have raised the possibility that the demonstrated aircraft would not be able to meet stated performance and/or that it may be a scale prototype or mockup, with BBC News noting that the aircraft "looks like a copy of the American F-22". Iran does not release technical details on its arsenals, so many of its claims about the aircraft are impossible to verify.

Flight Global noted that the Qaher-313 resembles the Boeing Bird of Prey prototype, but with a more faceted design similar to the 1970s-era Lockheed Have Blue that was developed into the now retired F-117 Nighthawk. Flight Global also said, "given the apparent small size of the aircraft and its single engine design, the Qaher 313 could be powered by reverse engineered variants of the General Electric J-85 turbojet that Iran is known to have in its possession."

Technical Specs of new iranian Jet Qaher-313 are not released by Iranian authorities yet.

Pictures of New Iranian Jet Qaher-313

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