Justin Bieber's $187,000 Supercar

Yesterday at approximately 12 p.m. PT, a driver in a Honda Civic dared to brush up against the pricey Ferrari driven by 17-year-old pop star Justin Bieber in the San Fernando Valley. Los Angeles Police Officer Gregory Baek told the AP the accident was a "very minor collision," and sources confirmed to TMZ the Honda merely "tapped" the rear left side of the vehicle piloted by Bieber -- evidently when its driver tried to get around Bieber's ride in an underground parking garage, as E! reports. There was no visible damage to either vehicle, no injuries, and authorities who arrived to check out the scene didn't even bother to file a report. Case closed!

Except this is Justin Bieber we're talking about here -- a pop star who can't go to a mall or promote his fragrance Someday at Macy's without major incident. Bieber has escaped harm in all such incidents, and the Honda owner is probably heaving a sigh of relief today that this snafu had a similar conclusion. The Civic (current base list price: $15,805) didn't even ding the Ferrari F430 (most recent base list price: $186,925). Bieber was first spotted in the matte black Ferrari F430 last year. The car's standard features include a 32-valve engine, panic alarm (which might come in handy if you're a a teen heartthrob), and the ability to fill "every pleasure receptor in your brain with automotive giddiness." Its top speed: 200 mph.

You can't totally blame the teen star for wanting a toy (albeit one that costs nearly three times the median income of a family of four): In the past few months alone he's been egged onstage in Australia, had his music videos yanked from YouTube by a hacker, and learned his Vanity Fair cover bombed at the newsstand. There's even been a bit of a Justin Bieber crime wave in the air -- a man was recently busted for stealing a cardboard cut-out of the pop star from a Florida mall, and a ceremonial Justin Bieber Way street sign was swiped in Texas.

Subliminal Messages in Famous Logos
You’ve seen these famous logos countless times on billboards, passing by on trucks, and at the grocery store, but there is more to them than meets the eye. If you take a closer look, you will find that these recognized logos have hidden images and messages. Check out these inventive designs that cleverly use white space and optical illusions to display subliminal messages.

  This logo appears to be very simple, but if you look at the white space between the "E" and "x" in “Ex," you'll find it is more complex than you thought. Can you spot the arrow?

Britney's Bikini Body Through the Years

 Sept. 16, 2001

A well-toned Spears showed off her iconic abs in a teeny-weeny two-piece in Sydney, Australia. "I probably do like 500-sit-ups," Spears has told Oprah Winfrey. "And If I'm having a really good day, I'll do like probably, 1,000."

Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple

Silicon Valley legend Steve Jobs on Wednesday resigned as chief executive of Apple Inc in a stunning move that ended his 14-year reign at the technology giant he co-founded in a garage.
Apple shares dived as much as 7 percent in after-hours trade after the pancreatic cancer survivor and industry icon, who has been on medical leave for an undisclosed condition since January 17, announced he will be replaced by COO and longtime heir apparent Tim Cook.

5.8 quake in Virginia felt in New York, D.C.

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.9 struck Tuesday in northern Virginia, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The quake, which struck at 1:51 p.m., was felt in Washington, in Richmond, Virginia, and as far away as North Carolina and New York, witnesses reported.
"It's one of the largest that we've had there," USGS seismologist Lucy Jones told CNN. Aftershocks were a concern, she said. "People should be expecting (them), especially over the next hour or two," she added.
She said that she would expect to see "significant damage" to old, brick buildings near the epicenter. "If you've already got some damage, you might want to stay outside," she said.
She also raised concern that water and gas lines may have been damaged.

Man Bathes With Rattlesnakes

The tiny Coryell County town of Oglesby is known for its rattlesnakes and this weekend, 3,000 people piled around a snake pit to see a world record shattered.

KCEN was there to meet the “Snake Man” before his slithery bath.
In the snake pit, Heart of Texas Snake Handlers President Jackie Bibby is a star. “Having been bit numerous times,” he says, “I do know and understand the effect of a rattlesnake bite.”
Bibby is from Rising Star, Texas and is at the 42nd annual “Rattlesnake Round-up” to increase his own star power. “I’ll be trying to get in the bathtub with more than 120 rattlesnakes.”
Yep…a snake bath with at least 121 rattlers to break a Guinness Book world record. “Once I get the record in the can,” he says, “after that the rest is gonna be icing on the cake.”
The snakes thrown in the tub are not trained and tamed. They are Central Texas rattlers, through and through. Oglesby Lion’s Club President Duane Heiner says, “We have snake handlers and snake hunters that go out throughout the county, throughout various counties. They go round up a bunch of rattlesnakes and bring them in.”

Two of Gadhafi's sons arrested in Tripoli

Two of Moammar Gadhafi's sons -- Saif al-Islam and Saadi -- have been arrested by opposition forces in Tripoli, rebel officials said.

There was no immediate reaction from Libyan government officials to the claims. CNN could not confirm the arrests, and there was no documentation provided by the rebels to verify the report.

Amazing shade illusion will make you see the light

Don't believe everything you see. Take this insane optical illusion, which uses light and shadow to transform a gray square into a white square right before your eyes:
It's a pretty impressive effect -- but it's not entirely new. The Checker Shadow illusion was published back in 1995 by MIT professor Edward H. Adelson, though optical illusion guru 'brusspup' really gives it new life by bringing it off the page and into the real world.

Top 10 Most distrusted celebrities 2011

According to a recently released poll by Ipsos, a whopping 60% of Americans don't trust Paris Hilton. Hilton was found to be the absolute least trustworthy celeb, beating out other morally questionable folks.

 1. Paris Hilton
Paris Whitney Hilton (born February 17, 1981) is an American heiress and media personality. She is a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton (founder of Hilton Hotels). Hilton is known for her controversial participation in a s3x tape in 2003, and appearance on the television series The Simple Life alongside fellow socialite and childhood best friend Nicole Richie. She is also known for her 2004 tongue-in-cheekautobiography, several minor film roles (most notably her role in the horror film House of Wax in 2005), her 2006 music album Paris, and her work in modeling.
 According to released poll by Ipsos, 60% of Americans don't trust Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton Voted the Least Trustworthy Celebrity

Would you buy a used car from Paris Hilton? As our Magic 8 ball used to say, "Outlook not so good." According to a recently released poll by Ipsos, a whopping 60% of Americans don't trust her.

Tim Hortons Frozen Doughnut Lawsuit

Two unhappy franchisees have launched a class action lawsuit for $1.95 billion against Oakville-based Tim Hortons Inc.
They claim they lost money after the company changed the system of making doughnuts in 2002, from cooking them from scratch in stores to microwaving frozen par-baked doughnuts supplied by a plant in Brantford, owned 50-50 by Tim Hortons Inc. and an Irish company, IAWS Group plc.

Most Memorable Wrestlers of All Time

Hulk Hogan:
His bright mustache and his dark, leathery skin are iconic of pro wrestling in general and '80s-era World Wrestling Federation in particular. But ever since his heyday, Hulk has never stepped away from the ring long enough for fans to forget his awesome stage presence, even when he was showcasing family brawls on his
reality show, "Hogan Knows Best."

Michele Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll

 Republican presidential candidates, from left, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Mich., former CEO of Godfather's Pizza Herman Cain, and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Texas, gather on stage before the Iowa Republican Party's Straw Poll, Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011, in Ames, Iowa.

AMES, Iowa (AP) — Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll.

Source: Yahoo

American Man Kidnapped in Pakistan

Gunmen abducted an American after breaking into his house in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore on Saturday in an unusually brazen raid that illustrated the threat to foreigners in this militancy-wracked, U.S.-allied country.

'Apes' smashes box office competition

The apes have conquered the multiplex.
Fueled by great word of mouth, 20th Century Fox's Rise of the Planet of the Apes opened to $54 million at the domestic box office—$20 million more than the best forecast.
Rise of the Apes is particularly drawing notice for its photo-realistic apes, which were created by Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital using advanced performance capture technology. Andy Serkis plays the ape Caesar, and is the movie’s lead character.

Why the stock market plunged 4.3%

 Stocks posted a severe drop today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling 4.3% and the Nasdaq crumbling over 5%.

By the end of the day there were few places left to hide. Gold, silver, crude and yields on Treasuries all fell sharply as traders looked for safety and were met by nothing but falling prices. Over the last 10 trading days stocks have lost more than 10%, the traditional definition of a market correction.

Today's selling started in Europe and picked up steam as American investors, already twitchy in the wake of the debt ceiling debacle, suddenly preferred cash over all other assets. The selling began overseas, but we have more than our share of problems in the U.S. as well.

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