Watson reveals Potter co-star crush

Emma Watson has admitted she used to have a crush on a Harry Potter co-star… but maybe not the one you’d expect.

Instead of franchise hero Daniel Radcliffe or on-screen love interest Rupert Grint, she confessed to secretly falling for Tom Felton, who plays the villainous Draco Malfoy.

Speaking to Seventeen magazine, the 21-year-old actress (Hermione Granger in the films) said: “For the first two movies, I had a huge crush on Tom Felton. He was my first crush.”

Jessie J Devil Do It Like a Dude backwards
Jessie J has received death threats since becoming famous.
The 'Nobody's Perfect' hitmaker has revealed both she and her family have been targeted by hate-filled individuals since she achieved pop success, but she refuses to waste her time worrying about what might happen to her.

X Factor final Wembley

X FACTOR finalists will head to WEMBLEY after show guru Simon Cowell ordered a spectacular end to the series.

The 2011 final will be held at the 12,500-seat Wembley Arena, the first time it has switched from its usual TV studio setting with an audience of just 300.
The move will make it one of the biggest talent shows ever, dwarfing the final of American Idol which is held at a 7,000-seat theatre in Los Angeles.
And Cowell has pledged to be there, despite his commitments to the US version of X Factor.
An insider said: "There may have been some concerns about the change in the judging panel, but viewers will forget all of that when they see the new-look show and final.

Katona Rod Stewart

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Katona Rod Stewart

KERRY Katona once asked Rod Stewart to marry her, she has revealed.

The ex-Atomic Kitten singer, 30, said: "I went to a charity football match when I was 19 and I asked him to marry me. He said his girlfriend wouldn't be too happy."
Kerry, speaking backstage to Absolute Radio before Rod's headlining performance at this weekend's Hard Rock Calling gig, said: "I used to argue all the time with the Atomic Kitten girls about what music we would have on in the background.

Norma Stitz Biography And Pictures Gallery 2011
Annie Hawkins-Turner Biography And Pictures Gallery 2011
 Annie Hawkins-Turner (born 22 December 1958), better known by the pseudonym Norma Stitz, is a website entrepreneur and nude model. Her stage name is a word-play on the phrase "enormous tits". Her bra size is said to be 102ZZZ, and each of her breasts weigh around 56 pounds according to the UK magazine show "This Morning" where she appeared on 23rd June 2011.

Tennis star arrives in Gaga-esque outfit
Bethanie Mattek-Sands told Busted Racquet last week that she had a fashion surprise in store at Wimbledon. Did she ever. The 31st-ranked American walked onto Court 14 on Wednesday for her first-round match wearing a white bolero jacket festooned with spikes and cutouts of white tennis balls. The piece was designed by Alex Noble, who works with Lady Gaga and designed Mattek-Sands' memorable yellow dress for the Wimbledon player's party.

Mel Gibson dating fetish model

Mel Gibson has reportedly moved on from his relationship with Oksana Grigorieva by dating a Greek fetish model.
The embattled Braveheart star recently completed a community service stint he was handed after striking a plea deal with Los Angeles prosecutors over allegations he attacked his then-girlfriend Grigorieva during a heated argument last year.
Gibson now appears to be putting the past behind him and moving on from his split from the Russian singer by spending time with Goth model Stella Mouzi.
Most often seen in leather bondage gear, Stella Mouzi created a stir on the red carpet at the 2011 LA Fetish Film Festival Awards in April.
The pair has been photographed together enjoying a series of outings, including a trip to LA's Sky Bar, while Mouzi has visited Gibson's Malibu, California home for a barbecue, according to TMZ.com.

Read more: The Age 

Selena Gomez Britney Spears song

Selena Gomez has said that it's an "honour" to have a song co-written by Britney Spears on her record.

Spears helped pen the track 'Whiplash', which appears on Selena Gomez & The Scene's third studio album When The Sun Goes Down.

During an appearance on GMA this morning, Gomez said: "I didn't know [she had written it]. I heard the song and fell in love with it, I thought it was fun and catchy. I went into the studio and it said 'co-written by Britney Spears' and I almost had a heart attack!"

She added: "It's an honour and I'm very excited for people to hear it."

Becker mistakes Noel Fielding for woman

As Blur famously sang in the mid-90s... "girls who are boys, who like boys to be girls, who do boys like they're girls, who do girls like they're boys". Basically meaning that androgyny is cool, and there's nothing wrong with accentuating your feminine features.

Marc Bolan knew it, David Bowie knew it, and hipsteNoel Fieldingcertainly knows it. But it seems that nobody gave three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Beckerthe memo when he was commentating for today's game between Rafael Nadal and Michael Russell at the All England Club.

Buzz Aldrin sued

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Buzz Aldrin sued

Legendary astronaut-turned-reality TV star Buzz Aldrin is facing a lawsuit from his estranged wife just days after he filed for divorce.
Aldrin, who was the second man to walk on the Moon, has split from his third wife Lois Driggs Cannon after 23 years and cited "irreconcilable differences" in legal papers earlier this month (Jun11).
Now Lois, along with the pair's daughter Lisa Cannon, has filed suit against Aldrin claiming he breached a contract by allegedly urging their joint business contacts to stop relations with StarBuzz, which he co-owns with both Lois and Lisa.
The Cannons insist the public relations company helped Aldrin regain his notoriety, reports TMZ.com.

Source: PR-Inside

Mendes granted restraining order
London, June 22 (IANS) Actress Eva Mendes has been granted a three-year restraining order against a man who has allegedly bothered her since 2008.
Mendes was given a temporary restraining order against John C. Luna, after telling a judge she has been living in “constant fear” of Luna, who claims to be engaged to the actress. He had showed up at her Los Angeles home in May this year, reported contactmusic.com.
Luna, 39, has been ordered by a judge at the Los Angeles Superior Court to stay at least 100 yards (91 metres) away from the 37-year-old Mendes for the next three years.

More at : The Indian 

Pippa Middleton Alex Loudon boyfriend

Pippa Middleton and boyfriend Alex Loudon are still together, according to reports, despite claims the couple had gone their separate ways.
Last week, the Sunday Times reported that the pair had parted company, with a friend revealing: "It is common knowledge in their close circle of friends that Pippa and Alex have recently split up."
However, the Mail On Sunday has been "reliably informed" that the 27-year-old and her former England cricketer squeeze are still very much an item.
"All the rumours are completely untrue," a family member told the newspaper, adding that the couple are expected to attend a family function together in two weeks' time.
Pippa has recently been seen enjoying dinner with her former university flatmate George Percy, fuelling speculation the two might be an item.
However, a university contemporary told the Mail on Sunday: "Pippa and George are friends, but that is all. Pippa doesn't fancy George, she's very into Alex."
"Alex is the nicest chap you could meet. He's incredibly sweet, loyal and adores Pippa, but they make a point of seeing each other very privately and don't go to flash places."
Source: Inthenews

New Hypersonic Passenger Aircraft Revealed

 It turns out supersonic aircraft are just like buses: You wait years for one, and then two come along at once.
Almost eight years after Concorde touched down for the last time, plane manufacturers and designers at the Paris Air Show have unveiled rival "son of supersonic" concepts.
The first, aircraft manufacturer EADS's Zero Emission Hyper Sonic Transport (ZEHST), will be powered by biofuel made from seaweed, carrying passengers above the Earth's atmosphere and dramatically cutting flight times.

LulzSec Hacker youth could face extradition

A British teenager suspected of masterminding a global computer hacking plot from his bedroom could face a fight against extradition to the US.
Ryan Cleary was arrested at his detached family home in Essex as part of a Scotland Yard and FBI probe into LulzSec, a group claiming responsibility for hacking attempts on the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency, the US Senate and the CIA.
Neighbours who witnessed the dawn police swoop spoke of their shock as the "very bright" 19-year-old university student was questioned.
Detectives believe Cleary was a "major player" with LulzSec, which has also claimed security breaches at games firms Nintendo and Sony.
As American authorities were kept closely informed over the "pre-planned intelligence-led operation", lawyers said US prosecutors may demand he faces justice across the Atlantic.
Mark Spragg, an extradition lawyer at London-based firm Keystone Law, said: "If the charges on which he was arrested would result in a sentence in excess of 12 months, then potentially it would constitute an extradition offence."

Fun tour awaits William and Kate

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official tour of Canada will be a "fun", hands-on affair,
William and Kate will sample local food, dress up for events and not just be impartial observers but take part in activities and spend time with young people during their first overseas tour as husband and wife.

Real reason behind Fox firing revealed

Did Megan Fox jump or was she pushed? With 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' about to be unleashed, the latest reports suggest executive producer Steven Spielberg fired the actress from the franchise following comments about director Michael Bay. 

At the time, Fox had said it was her choice to leave the blockbuster series, but now Bay has revealed a different story to The Daily Mail: “You know the Hitler thing. Steven [Spielberg] said, fire her right now.”

Vancouver Rioter Outed As Junior National Water Polo Player
Vancouver Rioter Outed As Junior National Water Polo Player. You’re going to see plenty of stories like this in the next few days, one would imagine, as police comb through photos and video of those involved in the Vancouver hockey riot. One of the first rioters to turn himself in to police will be Nathan Kotylak, 17, shown here apparently lighting a police car on fire, and with his water polo teammates in the inset.Kotylak, the “son of a highly-respected surgeon” according to CBC News, was outed by several people who recognized the star athlete from this notorious video which has become one of the most seen images of the riot. The private school senior plays on Canada’s junior national water polo team and lives in Maple Ridge, a wealthy suburb of Vancouver. He has a partial scholarship to play water polo at the University of Calgary next year. His father says he wants to major in kinesiology and one day play in the Olympics, according to CBC.

Celebrities Who Went Broke
Celebrities Who Went Broke. While at the peak of fame withabundance money, these celebrities are always glamorous life. But because they can not manage money well, they also went bankrupt. Here is a list of celebrities who went bankrupt as reported by Everyjoe:

Best Fathers Day Movies

Best fathers day moviesFathers have it hard in Hollywood. So many films not only include but hinge upon daddy-issues (like every movie Spielberg has made). Even the coolest dads in film usually start out as dicks. They don't truly redeem themselves until the third act. Just look at Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (my personal favorite of the trilogy). Sean Connery is enjoyable to watch as Henry Sr., Indy's absentee father. Yes, they bonded during their crusade for the Holy Grail, but before that their relationship was defined by thirty years of horrible parenting. Fathers in movies are either absent, neglectful or trying to force you to kill a man with an ax
In honors of Father's Day, I have assembled the top five fathers in film. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few in there, but for now this list will do.

5. Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) in Taken

Liam Neeson takes this spot through sheer badassery. Not only does he save his daughter from being trapped in a sex ring, but he also sets her up to meet her favorite pop star. Neeson's character may not be the greatest of fathers, but it's hard not to see a one-man war against France as a dedication of his love. Plus did I mention Neeson is awesome is everything he's in?

New elongated Boeing 747-8 debuts in Paris
New elongated Boeing 747-8 debuts in Paris. Boeing Co's 747-8 Intercontinental, the new elongated passenger version of its legendary jumbo jet, made its international debut on Sunday, showing its distinctive silhouette abroad for the first time.

Outrageous Firings

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Outrageous Firings
Outrageous Firings. You've heard of being fired for lying on a résumé or flubbing an important project, but sometimes it takes a whole lot less to get the ax by an employer. From rooting for the wrong team to a tweet gone wrong, these dismissals will make you think twice about what you do at work ― and in your off hours.

Green Lantern Opening Box Office
Green Lantern Opening Box Office. Green Lantern (3D) is off to a solid start. Film opened with almost the same numbers as Thor (3D) and X-Men: First Class (2D), and now new reports are saying that comic book adaptation is set to get another $20M for Friday.

Sega Hack Hits 1.29 Million Users
Sega Hack Hits 1.29 Million Users. Sega has confirmed that the personal data of 1.29 million of its customers was stolen in an attack on its systems. It comes after the computer games firm said on Friday that e-mail addresses and dates of birth stored on the Sega Pass database were accessed by hackers.

How To Make Your Eyes Pop
How To Make Your Eyes Pop. We have a very clever way of determining your most flattering eye shadow shade that will make your eyes look as bright and gorgeous as possible. It's actually basic color theory—opposite shades on the color wheel make each other look more intense and vibrant. This means that you should pick an eye shadow shade that is directly opposite your eye color on a traditional color wheel. Don't have one handy? Uh, who would?! Here, we've done the work for you.
If you have green eyes, try out purple eye shadow shades such as lavender, violet, or amethyst. Keep the color sheer so it won't look garish. For eyeliner, a deep plum is perfect.

How To Make Long Distance Love Work
How To Make Long Distance Love Work. Long distance is one of the toughest relationships for couples. How to make a long distance relationship work is really depending on you whether you are willing to make extra effort. Take these key points and remember them if you are in a long distance relationship.

Best Travel Reward Credit Cards 2011
Best Travel Reward Credit Cards 2011. Do you find yourself traveling often, perhaps for work or pleasure? A travel rewards credit card is a great way to earn some extra perks or get a little back for your trips. Traveling can be expensive and a travel rewards card can go a long way to earning something back for your spending. Finding the best credit card to fit your particular traveling needs is a great way to maximize your credit card and your spending. You can earn airline miles, hotel bonuses, flight bonuses, as well as rewards points and more.Take a look at the list below and find the best travel rewards credit card with benefits to match your travel habits.

Best Diet Dash

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Best Diet Dash
Best Diet Dash. The Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine have published a Boston University study that suggests that a dietary plan known as the DASH diet may help reduce the likelihood of obesity in teenage girls. The study surveyed more than 2,300 girls every year beginning at the age of 9, following them for 10 years.The DASH diet consists primarily of low-fat dairy and lean meats, as well as vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The goal of the plan is to eat what are considered healthy or whole foods as opposed to those that are highly processed and contain an excess of starch and white sugars, like cake or potato chips.

Fathers Day Recipes Kids
Fathers Day Recipes Kids. 4 Father's Day Recipes Kids Can Make. Father's Day is all about making a big fuss over dad. Maybe 20 years ago the expected gift on Dad's day was a necktie for him to wear to work. But most of today's dads are so involved in the family's home life that a homemade gift from the kitchen is a great way to celebrate the "big guy" in the house. So gather the kids and slap on some aprons to whip up these recipes for Dad on Father's Day.  

Literary Dads

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Literary Dads
Literary Dads. Top 5 Famous Fathers in Literature. Who are the fathers in literature? What actions do they take? How does the father relate to his children and others in society? Fathers can be loving and inspiring in literature, but literary dads aren't always perfect. Read more about fathers in literature.1. King Lear
by William Shakespeare. King Lear is one of the most famous father figures in literary history. With madness, murder, and tragedy, this play involves the estrangement of King Lear's loving daughter, Cordelia, as he divides his kingdom between his other two daughters.

Fired And Job Application. During interviews, on job applications or both, employers typically want to know why you left your last job. Common "acceptable" reasons include resigning for career advancement, higher pay or to relocate. But, what if your last employer fired you from your job? What do you say, especially if your employer fired you for misconduct, poor job performance, or some other undesirable reason in the eyes of potential employers?

+Quit Your Job in Style
+Quit Your Job in Style. How to Quit Your Job with Style? It sounds like something JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater probably read over the weekend. But when DeMaio, who blogs at Working for Yourself, a writes of quitting a job in style, he’s not exactly talking big-S style as in Slater, Snooki and Salahi. His advice is more more polished and professional and worth a review (edited down, below) before too many people decide they want to be working class heroes too:

Cheryl Cole going to move back in with Ashley
Cheryl Cole going to move back in with Ashley. Now you may remember that last month, your trusty heat magazine told you how Cheryl Cole was on the verge of rekindling her romance with her cheating ex-husband, Ashley Cole. After battling to come to terms with all the US X Factor malarkey that had been going on, poor Chez is feeling the strain of it all - and has been turning more and more towards Ashley for comfort.

Robbie Savage for Strictly Come Dancing?
Robbie Savage for Strictly Come Dancing? Robbie Savage is rumoured to have been approached to be a contestant in this year's Strictly Come Dancing.
The Welsh ex-footballer is reportedly a big fan of the series, and is hoping to be the first footballer to be crowned champion, according to the News of the World.

Mattek-Sands is seeded at Wimbledon and dressed like Lady Gaga

Not only is American tennis player of Bethanie Mattek-Sands ahead of Venus Williams in the WTA rankings, she's also managed to surpass the elder Williams sister in terms of outrageous outfits. The 31st-ranked Mattek-Sands turned heads at Thursday night's Wimbledon player's party in a dress designed by Lady Gaga's designer, Alex Noble.
The neon yellow dress featured a corset with attached tennis balls, a flowing skirt and a headdress that wouldn't have been out of place at the royal wedding.

The 26-year-old was still in Eastbourne on Thursday playing in the doubles competition of the Wimbledon tuneup and had to take a helicopter to London to attend the party. An hour after landing, following a quick fitting and sit-down in the makeup chair, Mattek-Sands walked the red carpet in the inspired frock.
Mattek-Sands met with Noble twice in Madrid, once to discuss the concept for the dress and another for a fitting. "I had a blast working with him," she said. "It's the funky dress I wanted."

Xbox 720 set for E3 2012

According to a Crytek insider Microsoft was showing off the new machine in video form at the recently concluded E3 2011, with Microsoft again planning to release their new console before Sony.
Speaking to VideoGamer.com, the Crytek mole revealed that development on TimeSplitters 4 is based on Microsoft's existing DirectX 11 technology for the PC and uses a version of CryEngine 3 - which was last used for Crysis 2.

Ryan Giggs sues News of the World

(Reuters) - Manchester United star Ryan Giggs has joined a growing list of celebrities suing the News of the World for illegally intercepting their voicemail messages, his lawyers revealed on Thursday.
"Proceedings relating to phone hacking were issued on behalf of Ryan Giggs in the High Court against News Group Newspapers Ltd, the publishers of News of the World, and Glenn Mulcaire," Giggs's law firm Schillings said.

Amber Portwood

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Amber Portwood's Mental Health Struggle

 Anderson, Ind. police responded to a call that indicated that Amber Portwood was depressed and threatening to end her life. Ultimately, the Teen Mom star was transported to a local medical facility, where she has been receiving treatment. While the reality TV personality has yet to comment on events of that day, Portwood, 21, did open up to PEOPLE last summer about her struggle with bipolar disorder – a condition characterized by dramatic shifts in mood.

Christina Hendricks set on fire

Flame-haired "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks was literally sizzling hot at the Tony Awards afterparty when she caught fire and burst into flames, the New York Post reported Thursday.
The actress got too close to a candle at the glitzy gathering and set her spring trench coat on fire, fellow guests said. 
The party was held at Sunday at New York hotel The Carlyle, where the Empire Suite was decked out with burning candles.
Hendricks, 36, managed to extinguish the fire -- but it burned a huge hole in the coat, which she ended up throwing away.

Kelly Osbourne's dog dies

Kelly Osbourne was forced to say goodbye to another one of her dogs this week. The Dancing with the Stars alum had to put her Pomeranian puppy Noodles to sleep because of a defect that caused swelling in her brain.
"My poor baby girl Noodles is sick. She had a seizure and they don't know why. I'm taking her to see a specialist two hours away for a brain scan,” Osbourne, who is also mom to a Pomeranian named Sid, Tweeted.

Jennifer Aniston moves Justin in
Could it be that after all this time of searching Jennifer Aniston has finally found a love that will stick?  For years America has waited with baited breath for Jennifer to find a man to fill that void that Brad Pitt left behind.  Men have come and gone and then come back again, but will Justin Theroux be the one to cancel out all that unlucky love karma? 

Dexter Isaac Tupac murder

Dexter Isaac has confessed to being involved in the 1994 shooting of rapper Tupac Shakur. Isaac says that he was paid $2,500 by music exec “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond to shoot the 2Pac in the lobby of Quad Studios in New York City. The information comes on the eve of the legendary rapper’s 40th birthday,

Coronation Street Rosie Helen Flanagan return

Coronation Street bosses have lined up a racy storyline for Rosie Webster's return to the cobbles, a report has claimed.

Helen Flanagan, who plays the flirtatious character, is currently on a three-month break from the ITV1 soap after asking for time off to spend with her footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair.

Rosie will be back to her outrageous ways when she makes her comeback as a new plot sees her strip down to her underwear in a bid to seduce her mother Sally's boyfriend Jeff Cullen, according to The Sun.

Jeff, played by Steven Houghton, was first introduced to the soap in February. As well as dating Sally (Sally Dynevor), he has worked as Rosie's manager under the alias 'Alfie'.

Coronation Street fans will reportedly see Rosie and Jeff's racy scene in September.

Cheryl Cole Ashley Los Angeles

Cheryl Cole has definitely had some up and downs in the last year and half. Most recently she was axed from US X Factor, which will be debuting in the States this fall. However, it appears that, after picking herself up from that, she isn’t going to let it keep her down. In fact, it looks as though she has found the perfect way to move on: planning a luxury tropical holiday with Ashley, her ex-husband?
Cheryl and Ashley got divorced last September after he was revealed by media to have cheated on her with 3 or 4 women. Of course this was after a previous time that she knew about and they worked through. It was believed that she had had enough of antics, and maybe she did for a while. However, it now appears as though she just can’t live without him…and he can’t live without her.
According to reports from Now magazine this week, the couple is so in love again that they are planning to take an exotic retreat together. Ashley is said to have been by Cheryl’s side ever since she was booted from X Factor last month. Right now the footballer is in Los Angeles taking a break with his friends and being photographed with other women. However, the magazine has reported that he and the singer have been planning a getaway to celebrate her 28th birthday at the end of this month.

Jessica White anger management classes

A New York judge has ordered supermodel JESSICA WHITE to enrol in anger management classes for her part in an argument over a cab last year (10).

The runway beauty, who has previously dated Sean Penn, was detained by police in October (10) after she allegedly struck Vanessa Kian in the face and pulled her hair during a dispute over a taxi.

Robbie Williams trousers split
 'Wardrobe malfunction' makes Robbie Williams perform with split trousers. Take That' singer Robbie Williams encountered a wardrobe malfunction as his trousers got split during his on-stage performance in Cardiff. 

Timberlake better high drugs

Pop star Justin Timberlake depends on drugs to give his mind some rest and thinks some people are better when high.
The 30-year-old singer-and-actor smokes marijuana-laced cigarettes because he believes it helps him to switch off and relax better, reported Femalefirst.

Peter Andre and Elen Rivas reunite?

Peter Andre and Elen Rivas were reportedly caught kissing at Amy Childs's birthday party earlier this week.

The pair dated for several months after being introduced late last year, but Andre confirmed that he had split from the Spanish model in April.

Attending Childs's 21st celebration in London, the Daily Star claims that the two appeared unwilling to appear together when arriving at the Soho venue. However, inside the pair apparently surprised other guests by kissing each other.

"They certainly looked like a couple again," a source told the paper. "In fact the word that evening was that they're back as boyfriend and girlfriend.

"They looked in great spirits and completely loved up. There is clearly chemistry still there. The snogs they were having looked quite ­steamy."

Cher Lloyd debut single leaked

Critics have slammed Cher Lloyd's debut single after it leaked online - and now The X Factor star is convinced, 'People wanna ruin me.'
Cheryl Cole's mini-me, who was shipped off to LA to record her new material, turned to Twitter to express her disappointment.
New track Swagger Jagger appeared on YouTube yesterday, but Cher defended herself saying it was only a demo and not the finished product.

The 17-year-old wrote: 'I've never been this upset ever!
'I worked so hard, and people wanna ruin it for me. If you wanted to hurt me you've done a great job.
The Malvern teenager stole the nation's heart while singing Keri Hilson's version of Turn My Swag On during her audition for Simon Cowell's show.

Next-gen Xbox on course for an E3 2012 launch

A next generation Xbox (Xbox 3? Xbox 720?) could be on course for a June 2012 launch if reports circulating in the games industry prove accurate.

VideoGamer.com has stated that an E3 announcement next year is likely after Crytek apparently admitted that it is developing a new TimeSplitters game for the console.

The report even states that Crytek is already demoing the TimeSplitters 4 title in-house (with a private video purportedly doing the E3 2011 circuit), with a "high ranking industry source" at the company saying that Microsoft's DirectX 11 is the current basis for the next-generation development.

This means super sharp graphics due to the tessellation effect tech on board the platform. The VideoGamer source said the graphics on the TimeSplitters title are "noticeably improved" over current-gen consoles.

Total Lunar Eclipse of June 2011 First Photos

The longest total lunar eclipse in 11 years occured Wednesday (June 15), turning the moon a dusky blood red that is amazing skywatchers around the world. See some of the first photos from the event here.

The lunar eclipse began at 1:24 p.m. EDT (1724 GMT) and will last until 7 p.m. EDT (2300 GMT). The eclipse's peak occured at 4:12 p.m. EDT (2012 GMT). At its best, the eclipse promised 100 minutes of totality, making it the longest total lunar eclipse since July 2000.

Lady Gaga's Stunning Performance on X Factor France + Wearing Crazy Printed Look With Very Long Hair

Check out Lady Gaga looking very India-inspired, mixing printed materials and colors of the '90s, a la Gianni Versace.

Rocking Repunzel-like blue hair while leaving the French television program, "Taratata" in Paris, France last night, Mother Monster took time to say hello to her fans, literally standing on the car seat and sticking 3/4 of her body out of the moving vehicle.

Most expensive house in America is sold
 This 57,000-square foot Los Angeles home, listed at $150 million, was sold to a 22-year-old U.K. heiress.
Photo: Realtor.com

The long-running drama over the sale of the highest-priced home in the U.S. appears to be heading to its finale.

Pippa Middleton Photos Leaked

Pippa Middleton  photo have just leaked!

Kate Middleton's younger sister just had some revealing bikini photos leaked and even had one topless photo find it's way to the public eye. The photos show the 27 year old beauty in a white bikini and not much else as she, her sister Kate and a few friends vacation on a yacht in 2006.

Pippa Middleton Modelling past

Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, tried her hand at modelling while studying at Edinburgh University, according to the Edinburgh Evening News. Pippa Middleton took part in university fashion shows similar to those where Kate first attracted the eye of Prince William.
Pippa took part in the school's charity fashion show at the City nightclub in 2004, at the age of 20. She was among a number of students to model clothes by Vivienne Westwood and Jean-paul Gaultier. The show was hosted by the Channel Four newsreader Jon Snow and the comedian Miles Jupp. One university pal was quoted as saying, "As soon as Pippa arrived at Edinburgh, she was assiduous about joining the right social circle. She was very charming about it, but quite ruthless in cultivating the right friends". Pippa's sister Kate attracted national attention in 2002 after wearing a see-through dress to a university fashion show. The black and turquoise creation, made by fashion graduate Charlotte Todd, sold for 78,000 pounds at an auction in central London in March 2011.

Airbus unveils futuristic see-through plane

Ever wondered what flying could be like in 2050? If so, you may be keen to discover Airbus' new Concept Cabin... unless you're prone to vertigo.
 Image credit: Airbus S.A.S.
Scared of heights? Then don't look down…

The plane manufacturer has released pictures of a futuristic jet ahead of the Paris Air Show. The images show a transparent cabin, allowing passengers to enjoy a much wider view while on a flight
And if that wasn't unusual enough, the innovative design also aims to offer services with a difference on board, with personalised zones replacing traditional cabin designs.

Ferris Bueller Stars Now and Then
Ferris Bueller's doe-eyed beau was played by Mia Sara. "Bueller" was only Sara's second movie after starring opposite Tom Cruise in "Legend." Since then, she's appeared in a number of TV movies and miniseries, crossing over occasionally into feature films, such as the 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme sci-fi thriller "Timecop." Most recently, she can be seen as Princess Landwidere in "The Witches of Oz.

Knocked Up sequel

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Knocked Up sequel
Chris O'Dowd is in talks to star in the follow-up to the comedy Knocked Up.

The Bridesmaids star is being eyed for the role of an employee at Paul Rudd's character's indie record company, according to Variety.

Rudd, Leslie Mann and Charlyne Yi will appear again, alongside newcomers to the cast such as Albert Brooks, Lena Dunham and Megan Fox.

Wyatt Russell, who will next be seen in Cowboys and Aliens, is also in negotiations for a role in the Judd Apatow comedy.

During a Twitter interview with Digital Spy, the IT Crowd actor said that he preferred comedic roles to dramatic, also finding them more challenging.

"I prefer comedy because I love the sound of children laughing and the money's better," he quipped.

Source: Digital Spy

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