Pippa Middleton Schoolgirl Pic Surfaces (PHOTO)    

 Fresh-faced and long-limbed,a young Pippa Middleton smiles proudly for the camera in the green kit of her school netball team.

The 13-year-old, already a star on the sports field, according to her former teachers at St Andrew's School in Berkshire – is shown sitting alongside her team-mates as they giggle and pose for the photograph.

Another previously unseen shot reveals the Duchess of Cambridge's sister in her smart school uniform, relaxing with friends in her housemaster's flat.

 With her shoulder-length hair already tied in what looks like an early version of Kate's wedding demi-chignon, she looks like any other carefree schoolgirl .

Bieber dad show off matching tattoos

Anyone suspecting that Justin Bieber is a musical cyborg assigned human parents to deceive the masses -- and dominate the world! -- is really just overthinking it.

The fan site Justin Bieber Shrine has posted photo proof that The Biebs is a real boy with a real bond with his real father, Jeremy Bieber. The site's image gallery shows the pop idol and his pops getting matching Jesus

Here comes the world's skinniest house
There are skinny houses. And then there is Jakub Szczęsny's Keret House, which could make Calista Flockhart look like a fatty. At its most generous, the proposed place, in Warsaw, Poland, will clock in at 4 feet wide. At its narrowest, it'll be just 28 inches wide -- thinner than the average doorway. And we complain about our sardine can in New York...
The house (officially an "art installation," because it doesn't meet Polish building code) is slated to fill a crack between a pair of buildings in Warsaw's Wola district. When construction's finished in December, it'll be the thinnest house in Warsaw and possibly the whole world. We did a quick Google search and couldn't find anything leaner.

Szczęsny designed the house to be a work space and home for Israeli writer Etgar Keret. It'll also be a "studio for invited guests -- young creators and intellectualists from all over the world." If, that is, they're willing to drop half their body weight to fit inside.

Huge sink hole opens causing fatal Utah crash

A 15-year-old girl died after heavy rains caused a huge sink hole to open on a Utah highway, swallowing one vehicle and causing her father's SUV to careen off the road.
Authorities said the crash that killed Justine Barneck and injured her father, Michael Barneck, late Wednesday night happened when the road collapsed in front of them, leaving a patch of asphalt on the edge of the hole that the vehicle hit, causing the fatal accident.

Johnny Depp's major 'Pirates' payday

Johnny Depp has gained more than a pirate’s ransom for playing Jack Sparrow in the four “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, TheWrap has learned.
He’s earned close to $350 million from the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced franchise, according to an individual with knowledge of his deals.

Nicki Minaj says leaked song is not about slain cousin

Nicki Minaj has dismissed rumors that she paid tribute to her slain cousin in a new song, saying the leaked track was recorded "over a year ago."

Minaj's cousin Nicholas Telemaque, 27, was shot dead in the early hours of Monday after leaving a club in his native Brooklyn.

taylor swift cancels concerts

For the first time in her dizzying rise in country-pop, Taylor Swift has been sidelined by sickness, announcing that she had to cancel four concerts on her current tour because of bronchitis. It was the first time Ms. Swift, who at 21 has become one of the best-selling singer-songwriters in the United States, had postponed or canceled a show because of illness, her spokeswoman, Paula Erickson, said.

michael beasley pot possession

Michael Beasley Pot Possession – NBA star Michael Beasley of the Minnesota Timberwolves was busted for speeding and marijuana possession after being pulled over in Minnetonka. Beasley was pulled over late last month, and cops allege he had over half an ounce of weed in his ride. According to police, he was caught doing 84 in 65 mph zone in the early-morning hours on June 26th.

portman baby name

by Tan | 2:14 PM in |

portman baby name

A hearty mazel tov goes out to Natalie Portman and her choreographer fiancé, Benjamin Millepied. People reports the new parents have dubbed their bouncing baby boy Aleph, which is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

10 actors you never knew were Canadian

Time to break out the maple syrup and those ‘Due South’ boxsets… it’s Canada Day! Rather than drag up any more lazy stereotypes however, we’ll celebrate by paying tribute to the country’s most underrated exports – their commonwealth of acting talent. Who knew Canada was such a movie star hotspot? Not us, we thought these guys were all American too…
Ryan Reynolds
Famous for: ‘The Green Lantern’, ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’
Hometown: Vancouver
This is how Canadian our Ryan is: his dad was a mounty! Not only that, he was once married to one of the few stars everyone actually knows is from Canada – Alanis Morissette. Even though they’ve since split, Reynolds is still proud of his roots."I love Canada,” he said in an interview. “It makes a nice hat for America.”

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