Most Expensive $3 Million Motor Home
The world's most expensive mobile home has gone on sale in Dubai for £2 million, or $3.1 million. The humongous, 40-foot-long eleMMent Palazzo from Austrian company Marchi Mobile is covered with gold and comes with a ton of luxury features, including a 40-inch flat screen, a pop-up cocktail lounge, a fireplace, a master bedroom, and underfloor heating.

Famous Celebrities In Tiny Shorts

Britney Spears and boyfriend David Lucado are seen grocery shopping at Ralphs in Agoura Hills, Calif. on April 13, 2013.

Celebrities With And Without Makeover

Gathering from what we see in movies, on TV and in the pages of prestigious magazines, sexy celebrities are flawless creatures. With the help of their A-list nutritionists and unlimited access to the best trainers in the world, these starlets typically resemble what we assume angels might look like. Even stars have to go out sometimes without any makeup
However, thankfully there are plenty of paparazzi to snap photos of them in such a state. Compare some of the hottest celebrities with and without makeup.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Celebrities Exposed In Embarrassing Photos
Gotchya! Sure, we're used to seeing the stars ooze glamour on the red carpet, but it turns out these celebrities aren't so perfect after all. They might put on a good face for photographers, but even the world's most beautiful people are bound to have an "oops" moment eventually -- and when that happens you can bet the paparazzi is nearby to capture it. From bad hair days to weird blemishes to stars stuffing their faces, check out Hollywood's hottest at their worst.
Eva Mendes in New York City
Oops! Eva Mendes accidentally gave photographers an eyeful when exiting her car on March 27, 2013. All we have to say is good thing the "Place Behind the Pines" actress was wearing underwear

Scary Pictures of Spider-Man Mustang Wanted

I strongly believe no one can do these stunts but a 26-year-old daredevil Ukrainian who goes by the moniker “Mustang Wanted” risks his life by taking his hobby to the extreme. His wild stunts include hanging off buildings with only one hand and balancing on his tip-toes on top of suspended metal beams in Kiev and Moscow.The daredevil’s dangerous exploits have earned him the nickname the “real-life Spider-Man.” This is strange, unbelievable and very scary. Never think to do it if you are not Mustang Wanted we love you.

Famous Moms Posed For Playboy Magazine

Denise Richards
A mere five months after giving birth to her daughter, Denise Richards was back in tip top shape and ready to flaunt her stuff in a beautiful, holiday-themed pictorial featured in the December 2004 issue of Playboy.

Celebrities In High Shoplifting Incidents

Below is the list of famous actresses, beauty queens, socialites, and other celebrities are accused of shoplifting in stores. 

1. Peaches Geldof

Peaches was accused of shoplifting make up in Boots in Central London. She is now banned to enter the store again. She also has been accused of taking a £70 dress from a shop in Camden.  This is the fourth shoplifting incident she’s been in.

Amazing Dirty Car Art

Scott Wade is known as the dirty car artist. The pictures he creates out on car windows are made from dirt. He loves to draw on dirty car windows, but he doesn't just draw smiley faces or funny comics like us. He turns muddy, grimy, dirty cars into masterful works of art till the cars are washed away.

Some call him the "DaVinci of dirt" or "Michelangelo of Mud," Before he gets started, artist Scott Wade takes his car on a long drive down a dusty road. Once his windows are thick with Texas dirt, he pulls out his brushes and gets to work creating detailed images in the dust.

Wade’s masterpieces have the look of charcoal on paper and they change over time as more dust accumulates on the windows or as dew streaks the designs. A light rain, he says, can create a deep patina.
He sometimes gets attached to a particular design and when the rain begins to fall, Wade feels some regret at its demise. But then he reminds himself that nothing lasts forever and he compares his art to everything else fleeting in life. After all, every thunderstorm reveals a blank canvas. Below are the images of some of his masterpieces which shows clearly shows how playing in the dirt became an obsession.

Portrait of Albert Einstein. A paw print is visible on Einstein's forehead, courtesy of the artist's pet cat.

Top 50 Embarrassing Celebrities Photos All Time

Paris and Nicky Hilton 

Paris Hilton enjoyed her summer holiday a bit too much, as this picture shows. At least save it till you're under the water, eh Paris?


Top Illuminati Celebrities Exposed

The Illuminati are generally powerful and rich people, not a lot of celebrities are members of the Illuminati. Just because the Illuminati controls the music and film industries, does not mean that all celebrities are members. Celebrities do not sell their souls to become famous, the Illuminati believe in God, they just fear God. The Illuminati will kill anyone, anywhere at anytime to get what they need. The people that are

Amazing 3D Street Art 

Below is collection of amazing 3D street art pictures, collected from all over the world painted by famous artists. I hope you'd like each picture, which is very unique and amazing. By seeing some pictures you won't believe these can be painted by someone. People who drawn these are highly talented we must appreciate them.  

10 Badly Photoshopped Celebrities

Sure, celebrities are rich and famous, but their job is to look good. Thank God there's Photoshop to help them achieve perfection... or not. These are ten examples of Photoshop doing to celebrities more harm than good.

Ashlee Simpson looked different after her nose job, but after her complete pore removal she was completely unrecognizable.

10 Most Influential Women In Technology

Marissa Mayer 
At the age of 37, Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, became the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Mayer was also named to Fortune magazine's annual list of America's 50 Most Powerful Women in Business in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. She earlier worked with Google and was responsible Google's famous, unadorned search homepage. Note: The US-based Time magazine revealed these 'The Ten Most Influential Women in Technology'. 

The Smallest Girl Of The World

With a playful nature, small Liang Syaosyao behaves exactly the same as any other child.
However, the increase year-old female, compared with other children of the same age clearly shows that all is not perfect as we would like. It is believed that Liang is the smallest girl in the world.

  Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Elected New Pop

 The next pope who will lead the world's 1.2 billion Catholics was elected Wednesday by cardinals in what was apparently their 5th round of voting on the second day of their conclave.

Crowds gathered in St. Peter's Square -- as well as millions of people watching on television around the world - were fixed upon the balcony where they will see the new pope for the first time.

Lamborghini New $4 Million Supercar

All the world's supercar makers, none stretch the idea of an ultimate sports machine quite so far as Lamborghini. For its 50th anniversary, the Italian automaker has created its most bizarre car yet: Meet the Veneno, a $4 million alien craft that will be assembled for only three buyers who've already put down their deposits — and being sold out before it goes into production is only a hint of the Veneno's speed.

Jamie Lynn Spears Biography and Pictures Gallery 2013

Jamie Lynn Spears (born April 4, 1991) is an American actress and singer. The younger sister of pop singer Britney Spears, she is best known for her portrayal of Zoey Brooks in the Nickelodeon television series Zoey 101.

Spears was born in McComb, Mississippi to Jamie and Lynne Spears. She attended Parklane Academy, where she was a cheerleader and a member of the basketball team. She finished her education via online correspondence and received her GED in February 2008 from Kentwood High School in Kentwood, Louisiana. 

Jennifer Lawrence Without Makeup

After winning the Best Actress Oscar on Sunday for “Silver Linings Playbook,” Jennifer Lawrence headed to Hawaii … but she wasn’t going on vacation.
The newly brunette actress is in the Aloha State to film more scenes for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Lawrence, 22, was snapped on Wednesday enjoying a rare moment of downtime on the balcony of her hotel room.

Naomi Watts Biography and Pictures Gallery 2013

Naomi Ellen Watts (born 28 September 1968) is a British-Australian actress who began her career in Australian television, where she appeared in series such as Hey Dad..! (1990), Brides of Christ (1991), E Street (1991) and Home and Away (1991). Her film debut was the 1986 drama For Love Alone.

Watts gained critical acclaim for her work in David Lynch's 2001 psychological thriller Mulholland Drive. The following year, she received public recognition for her participation in the box office hit horror film The Ring. She received nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actress and the Screen Actors Guild

Bruce Lee's Most Mysterious Fight Detailed

 Bruce Lee obtained legendary status as a martial artist in part because of a 1965 fight in Oakland, Calif., against Chinese kung fu master Wong Jack Man. It was the last fight of Lee's career.

For nearly 50 years, there has been much speculation and heated debate about what occurred inside of that gym, as very few people witnessed it. But the upshot of the bout is that it helped to develop Lee's views on Jeet Kune Do, which is the forerunner of today's mixed martial arts.

How Hollywood Stars Celebrate Valentine’s Day

 Weight Watchers spokeswoman Jennifer Hudson enjoyed some sweets on Valentine’s Day. “Happy Vday !!!!!” she tweeted with a photo of herself holding a heart shaped cookie.

World’s Craziest Potholes

The mad, the bad and the ugly: potholes from around the world. Infact these are not funny nor crazy but very threatening as you seeing in pictures below. Some of are very big potholes. Some people may have enjoyed the holes but to others these potholes caused loss of their valuable things or life as well. 

Chelyabinsk A Meteorite Fell Pictures

On 16 February 2013the skies over the Chelyabinsk region exploded meteorite, some pieces fell to the ground. Spectacle, certainly fascinating.

Cute Boy and Dog Pictures Will Melt Your Heart Surelly !!!

Photos of an adorable little boy and his equally adorable French Bulldog are taking the Internet by storm. The boy, Tasuku, and his dog, Muu, seem to be inseparable. The boy’s mother, Aya Sakai of Japan, has been posting images of the pair, earning herself a huge following on Facebook and Instagram.

Brasil Carnival Pictures 2013

by Tan | 1:33 PM in |

Brasil Carnival Pictures 2013

Famous Celebrities Couples Homes 2013

It's that time of year again for ubiquitous red and pink and jewelry ads and chocolate and roses and other obligatory displays of romantic love. In that spirit, lets see Homes of Celebrity Couples.

Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles
                                Location: Bridgehampton, N.Y.                    Price: $43.5 million
                                Bedrooms: 1                                                Bathrooms: 12
                                                         Square footage: 31,000

The Sandcastle served as a summer rental for the first lady and gentleman of pop, hip-hop and the Brooklyn Nets. They are reported to have paid $400,000 to rent the place for August 2011. The mega mansion, built by Hamptons developer Joe Farrell on 11.5 acres, has a lot going on, including a heated granite pool with an underwater stereo and a master suite with 2,800 square feet. The lowest of the three-level home is the Air Lounge, with a futuristic two-lane bowling alley, full bar and disco, rock climbing wall and full spa. The "recreation pavilion" also features a skateboarder's half pipe. 

Katy Perry Distracting Dress at Grammys 2013
Katy Perry didn't get the Grammys wardrobe memo. Perry pushed the limits of the wardrobe mandate at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, with a tight mint green, cleavage-baring gown. Even E!'s Ryan Seacrest seemed noticeably flustered while interviewing Perry on the red carpet -- aside from being extremely tight, the dress exposed a large amount of cleavage. Seacrest's co-host Giuliana Rancic later asked how he kept focused during the interview. Seacrest had a quick response: "When you are my height you have a lot of experience staying focused at that eye line. Lots of practice." The singer discussed why she chose the gown: "I was inspired by Priscilla Presley in the '70s," the pop star explained, also mentioning her hairstyle. "The big hair, closer to God."

New Iran Fighter Jet Qaher F-313

Iran has unveiled its new fighter jet which is called Qaher-313, Conqueror-313, Q-313, F-313) is an Iranian single-seat stealth fighter aircraft publically announced on 1 February 2013. It was presented to the press by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi on 2 February 2013, as part of the Ten-Day Dawn ceremonies.

According to Iranian government sources, the F-313 Qaher was designed and is indigenously produced in Iran by the Aviation Industries Organization (AIO), a division of the Ministry of Defense. The project manager is Hassan Parvaneh.

Nine Pretty Makeup Looks for Date Night

Date night is the time to break out of your usual routine and crank up the romance. Here are the secrets to getting the best flirty makeup looks—with a little celebrity inspiration. 

Let's put it this way: Drawing attention to your lips? Never a bad thing on a date.

This deep wine lip color is just intense enough to be a pretty focal point. To get this kind of precise color that also lasts, start by tracing the natural border of your mouth with a burgundy-colored lip pencil, and use it to fill in the entire lip area. Then, with a lip brush, apply a dark red lipstick such as Dolce & Gabbana The Lipstick in Ultra on top.

Best Celebrity Makeunders

 Sometimes less is more—as is the case with our favorite stars. When you're as gorgeous as today’s top celebrities, why mask your beauty with over-styled hair, piled-on makeup, and flashy outfits? While we usually see these ladies glammed out to the max on the red carpet, their more natural looks are often their absolute best. Here our favorite stars prove sometimes less is more.
Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster deliberately enjoys freaking people out with her appearance on a regular basis. At the 2010 Grammys, her freaky two-toned blond wig and drag queenish makeup was much too much. We prefer her more retro liner and strong brows like she wore in London this October.

 Neon Green River

Waters of this river in Goldstream Park, Canada, turned neon green. According to the local Environment Ministry, there was a chemical reaction in the water known as “fluorescein”. They believed that somebody dumped fluorescein in the Goldstream River to make a holiday season joke, but that substance wasn’t toxic and fish along with the habitat weren’t affected.

Here iz Britney Spears in bikni while vacationing...

 Mallory Hagan Miss America 2013

Mallory Hytes Hagan (born 1989) is an American beauty pageant titleholder crowned Miss America 2013 on January 12, 2013. Prior to holding the title of Miss America, she held the titles of Miss New York 2012, Miss New York City 2011 and Miss Brooklyn 2010. She follows Bess Myerson (1945), Tawny Godin (1975), and Vanessa L. Williams (1983) as former Miss New Yorks to win Miss America.

Bieber Drug Scandal Photos

Justine Bieber who's been leading and one of the most famous and richest child star around and almost every child wants to be like him, is caught having fun which should not be example for our children, Thanks to TMZ who always try to catch and record off the scene activities of big celebrities, such as leaked pictures scandals, now they did it again and caught him red handed :). We are sure Mr Bieber will have to explain all of this soon/

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