Plane Plunges into Stands at Reno Air Show (Video)
A vintage World War II-era fighter plane plunged into the grandstands Friday during a popular annual air show, killing at least three people, injuring more than 50 spectators and creating a horrific scene strewn with body parts and smoking debris.
The cause of the crash wasn’t immediately known, but an official with the event said there were indications that mechanical problems were at play.

Scarlett Johansson Cell Phone Photos Leaked 2011

 This year has been the year for celebrities getting their phones hacked! It seems like every few weeks nude photos of another celebrity are leaked onto the internet. Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, and others have been involved in this nude photo scandal. How are these pictures getting out? A hacker is breaking into their phones.

Today a new celebrity is being exposed by the phone hacker – Scarlett Johannson!‎

Astronaut's Unique View as 9/11 Unfolded
Whenever he sees a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Frank Culberston is reminded of where he was on Sept. 11, 2001. An encounter earlier this year is a good example. On a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia to watch the re-enactment of British occupation, he met a young veteran who had lost both legs while serving as an explosive ordinance device technician in Afghanistan.

Lohan Sister's Startling New Look
The first thing Ali Lohan did when she got signed to a modeling agency was obtain ... an entirely new face?

The 17-year-old sister of Lindsay and daughter of Dina stepped out in Beverly Hills yesterday looking, in all honesty, like a surgically altered version of her former self. Lohan's lips and cheeks appear fuller and her nose narrowed and tweaked. Her eyebrows are bushier and more defined, exuding that '80s Brooke Shields

Ronaldo Return To Man United

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo admits he keeps in contact with Sir Alex Ferguson and will not rule out a return to Manchester United.
Ronaldo keeps in regular contact with his friends at United.

Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

After ‘The Lone Ranger’ film starring Johnny Depp was shelved due to budget issues - having been pitched at over £154 million - we wanted to see which films cost the most to make.

Obviously inflation would have ruled a number of the old classics as cheap tat destined for the bargain bucket in a gutted Woolworths, so our boffins got to work on calculating some of the complex mathematical equations needed to find out the most expensive films of all time.

10 – King Kong / Spider-Man 2
Peter Jackson’s remake of the classic tale of a fictitious monster that looks an awful lot like a gorilla just sneaks into the top ten alongside Sam Raimi’s web slinger sequel. Costing just over £129 million and £124 million respectively, due to inflation rates since the films’ release dates that equates to more than a staggering £145 million to make each film. And this is just the beginning!

Stars who date their staff
Why go looking for love when you can date somebody who works for you, like these celebs did?
But some stars look much closer to home for a partner... in fact, quite a few have dated the people who work for them. Some have even married their agents, managers and their kids' nannies!
Most celebs will only date another celeb - it's just easier to be with somebody like-minded who 'gets' what it's like to be in the industry.

Stars who date their staff. She's having a good year, what with being a new judge on X Factor and all, and now it seems Kelly Rowland has got herself a secret boyfriend. The 30-year-old singer/TV star recently admitted that she had a "special friend" and, according to The Mirror, that "friend" is her manager Tim Weatherspoon.

James Bond 23 to film in India
James Bond 23 to film in India. After shooting in exotic locales across the globe, the world’s most famous spy has taken a fancy to desi destinations like the humble Sarojini Nagar market in Delhi and relatively unknown Navagam town near Ahmedabad. Other possible locations that the latest James Bond flick could be shot in include the sun-kissed beaches of Goa and business hub Mumbai.The I&B ministry has given permission to India Take One Productions to shoot the latest Bond film. ‘Bond 23′ is likely to be shot at the cheek-by-jowl streets of Daryaganj, Sarojini Nagar market and Ansari Road in Delhi. The film, to be directed by Sam Mendes, will be released in 2012. This also marks the 50th anniversary of the successful ‘Dr No’ and the Bond franchise.

Oscar de la hoya admits drag photos 2011
Oscar de la hoya admits drag photos 2011. Oscar De La Hoya Admits to Cocaine Use, Thoughts of Suicide.

In a new interview with Univision, former boxer Oscar De La Hoya has opened up about the depth of his personal issues, which culminated this spring in a trip to rehab.

Jack The Ripper Face
Jack The Ripper Face. Jack the Ripper's face revealed 120 years on.

The face of Jack the Ripper has been pieced together by Scotland Yard experts from evidence left by the Victorian killer.

Mel Gibson Settlement

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Mel Gibson Settlement
Mel Gibson Settlement. Mel Gibson Settles Child-Custody Case for $750K; Earlier Offer of $16M Reportedly Rejected.

Most successful people over 80
Most successful people over 80. Most successful 80-somethings. Investor Warren Buffett and legendary talk show host Regis Philbin recently turned 80 years old. In honor of their becoming octogenarians, we look at some of the best-known and successful 80-somethings.
warren buffett, regis philbin, octogenarian

Dominos Pizza on the moon

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Dominos Pizza on the moon
Dominos Pizza on the moon. Domino's Japanese arm has proposed a branch on Earth's nearest galactic
neighbour is the latest escalation in a pizza publicity war.
Rival chain Pizza Hut set the bar high in 2001 by delivering a pizza to astronauts orbiting the Earth in the International Space Station, but Domino's fought back last year in a series of events to mark the 25th anniversary of its arrival in Japan.

Top Hottest Vampires Ever
It’s a question that has flummoxed the world of film journalism for decades. What is it that makes those vampires so damn hot!? We studied the best of them.

Salma Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Salma Hayek is the fantastically named Santanico Pandemonium, the main attraction at ultra sleazy bar The Titty Twister, slithering around the place with her pet snake. But patrons beware – when the time is right, Santanico is ready to change into a feral killer and lead the slaughter of anyone foolish enough to stop by.

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