Justin Bieber's $187,000 Supercar

Yesterday at approximately 12 p.m. PT, a driver in a Honda Civic dared to brush up against the pricey Ferrari driven by 17-year-old pop star Justin Bieber in the San Fernando Valley. Los Angeles Police Officer Gregory Baek told the AP the accident was a "very minor collision," and sources confirmed to TMZ the Honda merely "tapped" the rear left side of the vehicle piloted by Bieber -- evidently when its driver tried to get around Bieber's ride in an underground parking garage, as E! reports. There was no visible damage to either vehicle, no injuries, and authorities who arrived to check out the scene didn't even bother to file a report. Case closed!

Except this is Justin Bieber we're talking about here -- a pop star who can't go to a mall or promote his fragrance Someday at Macy's without major incident. Bieber has escaped harm in all such incidents, and the Honda owner is probably heaving a sigh of relief today that this snafu had a similar conclusion. The Civic (current base list price: $15,805) didn't even ding the Ferrari F430 (most recent base list price: $186,925). Bieber was first spotted in the matte black Ferrari F430 last year. The car's standard features include a 32-valve engine, panic alarm (which might come in handy if you're a a teen heartthrob), and the ability to fill "every pleasure receptor in your brain with automotive giddiness." Its top speed: 200 mph.

You can't totally blame the teen star for wanting a toy (albeit one that costs nearly three times the median income of a family of four): In the past few months alone he's been egged onstage in Australia, had his music videos yanked from YouTube by a hacker, and learned his Vanity Fair cover bombed at the newsstand. There's even been a bit of a Justin Bieber crime wave in the air -- a man was recently busted for stealing a cardboard cut-out of the pop star from a Florida mall, and a ceremonial Justin Bieber Way street sign was swiped in Texas.

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For a glimpse of how this latest incident could have gone awry, check out Yahoo!'s report on an insane accident (a million-dollar fender bender!) involving the very same vehicle Bieber was driving in July. And here's what Bieber's fancy ride looks like:
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