10 Awesome Car Interiors

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1. Is it a Car or a XBOX?

This is a concept car from Suzuki. The original car was made way back in ‘06, and is not made by some random Halo obsessed Xbox man-child with technical car modification prowess. Though I am sure someone out there has tried and failed.

2.Hello Kitty Car Interior

This interior was unveiled at the international extreme auto show 08 in Thailand.

There is definitely a girly feel to this interior. You can see that the steering wheel is

the shape of a cat; which is a nice touch.

3. Alpine’s 2003 Honda Civic Si

All in all, Alpine spent over a quarter of a million dollars on this Civic. This is a car so

littered with electronics it could only be described as unprecedented. The sticker price

a cool $250,000.

4. Home Made Glammed Up Interior

Well, I don’t have much other information on this car apart the fact it’s clearly taken a

lot of time and beads to mod this car. It looks like it’s someone’s pimp-mobile from a

club called ‘The Purse Club’.

5. Retro Interior

For those who turn there nose up at the flash modern interiors there is this retro

interior for those who want to get back to the basics of the open road. I wouldn’t use

this to impress the chicks; this is more for the ‘lone road warrior’.

6.Rainbow Sick

I think this car must of belonged to someone like Mr. Jolly. If I drove this car it would make me feel nauseous.

7. Fluffy Cuddle Monster

This is an ideal car if you love a cuddle. If you feel lonely just pull over and hug the seat.

8. Bling Bling

I don’t know about anyone else but this car looks pretty un-comfy to me.

9. Swish Swosh!

Swiveling chairs, just what you need when travelling at 70mph, the ability to swivel 360 degrees to talk to your passengers.

10. Pink Louis Vuitton

Got the bag, got the shoes, now get the car.

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