The worst celebrity tattoos

 Megan Fox is obviously a huge fan of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. She has a portrait of Marilyn tattooed on her inner right forearm. As much as she admires the buxom blonde movie star we think it is a bit weird to have a permanent mark of another person on your arm.

 Hayden Panettiere shows off her tattoo on the left side of her back but the Italian words are misspelt. In full her tattoo reads ‘Vivere senza rimipianti’, which is meant to translate as, ‘to live without regrets’. Unfortunately the last word has an extra ‘I’, and should instead be ‘rimpianti’.

 Mike Tyson is fierce enough without the facial tattoo so really he didn’t need his tribal ink. His tattoo is Maori-influenced by which is meant to make the wearer look ferocious.

 Amy Winehouse was one of the most talked about celebrities of 2009. Her individual style made her stand out and this included her tattoos. She had her ex-husband’s name ‘Blake’ inscribed on her chest in 2005 just one month after they started dating.

 Pamela Anderson made the mistake of tattooing barb wire around the top of her arm. In the ‘90s it was cool but as trends changed Pam received a lot of slack for her body art.

 Steve-O is one of the daredevil cast members on MTV’s Jackass and Wild Boys. He inked a portrait of himself to cover the whole of his back. Steve-O is known for doing all kinds of crazy stunts so this is nothing out of the ordinary; he accompanied the portrait with the words “Yeah, dude I rock!” and his autograph.

 Britney Spears is no stranger to odd tattoos, sporting a fairy on her lower back and a set of pink lips on her wrist. But the offending ink here is the Kabbalah-inspired tattoo that was supposed to read ‘God’ but was misspelt. She has since had it removed.

 David Beckham is covered in tats and it must be said he doesn’t look bad at all. One of his sleeves includes Victoria’s name written in Sanskrit, but spelt ‘Vichtoria’. Oops!

 Rihanna has made two tattoo blunders. In 2009 she had ‘forgiveness’ in Hindu Sanskrit tattooed on her hip – with the wrong spelling. She also had ‘Rebelle fleur’ inked in French on her neck last year but put the adjective before the noun so it translates as ‘flower rebel’ instead of ‘rebel flower’.

Kelly Osbourne’s tattoo choices were not so well thought out; the anchor and synthesizer body art on her arms are not subtle. She has decided to get a few of her 15 tattoos removed after realising they were a mistake.

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