Sexiest Action Stars

Can you guess the hotties who heat up our favorite action films without breaking a sweat? Find out which bad boys -- & girls -- jumped to the top of list.
Ryan Reynolds
He’s starring in a hot summer blockbuster and once played a sexy mutant in this film. Though he recently ended his marriage to another sexy star, rumor has it that he’s dating this German model
Halle Berry
From Bond girl to feline superhero, Halle knows how to look sexy in action, and she’s the poster girl for looking hot after 40.
Christian Bale
Is there anything this newly minted Oscar winner can’t do? His turn as this superhero got rave reviews, and he’ll return in this hotly anticipated sequel. He further mastered the art of sexy action star in this film.
Angelina Jolie
Bonafide sexy action star and full-time philanthropist, she made her mark last year in this high-profile role, and she met her future sweetheart when they worked on this big-budget action flick.
Chris Hemsworth
Don’t recognize this name? He’s getting major buzz for his sexy turn as this god of thunder in a big summer blockbuster, and again in this 2012 film. You might recognize him from this hit film, but he’s packed on some muscle since then.
Megan Fox
She first turned heads in this mega-budget movie franchise, and she kicked some serious bounty hunter butt in this film. Up next, she’ll star in this thriller. She’s married to a former 90210 star.
Daniel Craig
Before he played one of the most famous spies ever, this Brit sexed up the screen in this action film. He’s starring later this year in this buzzed film, based on the popular book.
Eva Green
Before she shot into the public eye as a Bond girl, she was in this Bernardo Bertolucci film. The French bombshell will be seen in a 2012 film based on a popular television series.
Henry Cavill
Recently cast as one of the greatest superheroes of all time, he’s bringing sexy back to the role. Not a household name yet, he’s been seen in this popular Showtime series and starred in this creepy thriller.
Rebecca Romijn
When your costume is make-up that leaves nothing to the imagination, it’s a safe bet you’ll make the sexy list. Her role in this blockbuster franchise, combined with her former role in this hit TV series make it hard to believe she’s a mother of twins.
Chris Evans
First seen in this film based on the comic book series, he recently suited up to play this all-American superhero. Rumored to be dating a “Glee” star, this sexy young actor looks like he’s ready for the limelight.
Will Smith
Not only has he mastered the art of being a sex symbol and a comedian, he seems to be the king of blockbuster summer action films, including this mega hit and this one. Up next, he’ll star in a sequel to another one of his hits.
Jennifer Lawrence
Her first big movie role wasn’t the sexiest, but it earned her an Oscar nomination. Up next, she plays the sexiest superhero in this blockbuster, and if you saw her Oscar dress, you know she can pull it off.
Hugh Jackman
Forever associated with bringing this famous superhero to the screen, he also made a splash in this hit. Up next, he’ll reprise his best-known role yet again in this 2012 film.
Scarlett Johansson
She first went sexy action star on us opposite Robert Downey Jr. in this mega hit. Next up, she’ll reprise that role in anther blockbuster film.
Kate Beckinsale
Maybe it was the tight-fitting latex body suit she sported in this film, or her turn in this monster-hunting flick. Either way, she’s sure to captivate when she dons the suit again in a much-anticipated sequel.
Gerard Butler
This Scottish stud burst on the scene, mostly shirtless, in this surprising hit movie. He has since played it sweet in this film, but he’s bringing the action back in this forthcoming movie.

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