Most Bizarre Outfits Of Lady Gaga 2010-2011
Pop sensation Lady Gaga is not only known for her music, but also for her outlandish fashion taste. When it comes to clothes and stage costumes, she goes all out to make sure they will either frighten, delight or excite. Gaga’s style is fresh, bizarre and ultimately unique. She enjoys wearing vintage pieces, which she mixed with contemporary designers and even pieces which she creates herself. Gaga insists that she pours all her money into creating these eyepopping costumes:    ”I spend all my money on wardrobe and props. I don’t care about money.” And when money isn’t enough, what’s a pop diva to do? ”I design, I hand-make, I borrow — whatever it takes.”

Some of her outfits are cool, some crazy – but they always represent her outrageous sense of style and because of this, she will always be an icon – an unmistakable figure in both music and fashion – thanks to her appealing music and offbeat style. This is more then proof that Gaga is a consistently interesting dresser – sometimes it looks awful, sometimes stunning – but it always grabs the attention of the on-looker and captivates them.

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