A Brief History of "Miss America" from the distant 1921.

1. The first contest of "Miss America" was held in 1921 in part in activities to attract tourists to Atlantic City. Nine states were cities, not states. Winner was 16-year-old Margaret Gorman (second from left) from Washington.
Horma Smallwood won the competition in 1926. She became the first indigenous American to win the title of "Miss America" (she was from the Cherokee Indian tribe). For a year in office, "Miss America, she earned more than 100 thousand dollars through advertising and participating in various activities. Then it was more than the wages paid to the U.S. president.
Contest 1937 in sombreros, who handed over the Miss Puerto Rico.
Miss Michigan Patricia Donnelly became the first representative of a separate state, which has won the title. In this photo it with the trophy after winning the competition in 1939. This year has also been selected the first "Miss Congeniality".
Myerson became the first Jew to win the "Miss America" in 1945. In the 40th years of the competition to provide fellowships to help the organization become one of the leading sources of scholarships for women.
Two participants help each other with the swimwear contest in 1955, the year after the first contest, televised
1950 contestants pose for the magazine «Life Magazine» in white evening gowns in honor of 30 anniversary of the competition in 1956. Although the first competition was held in 1921 during the Great Depression of the contests have been conducted.
Participants in the competition in 1958 are preparing to go on stage.
Bert Parks communicates with a contestant during a demonstration of talent in 1955. Parks led the competition "Miss America" from 1955 to 1979.
Participating in bathing suits before the contest.
Future film star
Yul Brynner kisses the hand of Miss America 1984 Vanessa Williams. And, yes, it's Eddie Murphy in the center.
Participants in the contest of 1997, when for the first time were allowed separate bathing suits.
Leading the competition Tom Bergeron & Miss America 2004 Erika Dunlap.
In 2010, the "Miss America" was named Miss Virginia Karessu Cameron. In 2006, the competition is carried out in «Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino» Las Vegas, Nevada.

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