Sandra Bullock vs. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee

Bullock's nearly five-year marriage to Jesse James was shattered following reports of his alleged affair with tattoo model and stripper McGee. (James was subsequently linked to four other women, and checked into an Arizona rehab.)

Elin Woods vs. Jaimee Grubbs

Cocktail waitress Grubbs was one of over a dozen women romantically linked in fall 2009 to Elin's golfer husband Tiger. Grubbs shared Tiger's racy texts -- and one incriminating voicemail -- with Us Weekly. Following Tiger's stint in sex rehab, he and Elin are still married as of early April 2010

Kate Gosselin vs. Deanna Hummel

In May 2009, Us Weekly exclusively revealed reality dad Jon Gosselin's three-month affair with elementary school teacher Hummel, then 23. Kate and Jon -- the famous parents to eight kids -- officially divorced in December after ten years together.

Elizabeth Edwards vs. Rielle Hunter

In 2008, presidential hopeful John Edwards admitted to cheating on his breast-cancer stricken wife Elizabeth with videographer Hunter. Two years later, he acknowledged that he was the father to Hunter's daughter Frances Quinn, 2. Hunter told GQ that Elizabeth "emasculated" John.

Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie

In 2005, Brad Pitt's five-year marriage to Aniston crumbled shortly after he met Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Although they have yet to wed, Pitt and Jolie are now the parents of six kids (three adopted, three biological). Single Aniston has said Pitt lacked a "sensitive chip."

Elizabeth Hurley vs. Divine Brown

While Hurley was dating Hugh Grant in 1995, the British actor pled guilty to misdemeanor lewd conduct after being caught with Brown, a Hollywood prostitute. Grant and Hurley broke up amicably after 13 years together in 2000.

Sienna Miller vs Daisy Wright

Miller broke off her engagement to actor Jude Law in 2005 after he admitted to an affair with Wright, the nanny to his four children with ex Sadie Frost. Miller and Law quietly rekindled their romance in early 2010.

Christie Brinkley vs. Diana Bianchi

In 2008, Brinkley's husband Peter Cook (dad to their two kids) admitted to a sexual affair with Bianchi, his 19-year-old assistant. Brinkley and Cook divorced that year. "I would never get married again," the supermodel later told Ladies Home Journal. (She has been wed four times.)

Shania Twain vs. Marie-Anne Thiebaud

Twain split from husband of 14 years Robert "Mutt" Lange in May 2008 after he had an affair with Thiebaud -- Twain's best friend and the couple's secretary at their Swiss chateau. In summer 2009, Twain stepped out with her new man: Thiebaud's ex-husband Frederic.

Silda Spitzer vs Ashley Dupre

As wife Silda stood by during a press conference, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned his post in March 2008 after admitting his involvement in a prostitution ring which included Dupre, who charged $1,000 an hour. Parents to three daughters, the Spitzers have stayed together.

Hillary Clinton vs. Monica Lewinksy

Bill Clinton's 1995-1996 White House affair with Lewinsky almost brought down his Presidency. (He was impeached but later acquitted in 1998.) He and Hillary, now Secretary of State, remain married.

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