iPhone is a home to many accessories and provides a perfect platform for creative persons to showcase their skills by making add-ons or accessories for the world’s most popular smart phone. We see many pieces built for and around iPhone and yet we are hardly surprised, such is the popularity and fan base of the iPhone. While many products are the outcome using the the handset’s design (like the iPhone chalkboard), people also enjoy coming up with different accessories for the phone. One of the most popular accessories talked about was a titanium iPhone case and finally, there is one for iPhone 3GS (users of older versions, sorry!). You need an evidence, the guys got you the video. Watch out.

It had been here and there in the pics but now we have video as proof. The guy in the video is actually showcasing the iPhone 3GS by changing its back cover with the one with titanium coating. The titanium coated cover is made by himself only (as he says in the video). The positive from this cover is that it allows users to make calls as easily as it is without hindering the smoothness of using the phone, as was the case with some plastics covers which surfed the Internet earlier.


Though we do not have any details available regarding the price and expected release date with the geographical distribution of the cover, expect the formal announcement by the maker very soon. Sending a video feed to public makes his intention clear, that it will arrive shortly. Plus, since the manufacturer is said to be in Austria, so it won’t surprise us if residents get the upper hand in trying the accessory earlier than anyone else.


Speaking of iPhone add-ons, check out the iPhone icon inspired key-chains and iClooly iPhone 3GS stand.

What do you feel about it? A big hit coming through or just another iPhone accessory? Give your opinion in the comments.

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